Mike Brown - Chief of Everything

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For as long as I can remember, my philosophy when it came to doing anything in life was simple: do whatever I was tasked with as best as I possibly could. Whether that meant writing a short story for my high school Writer’s Craft class, or making the best smash burger this side of Shake Shack, my goal was to always try my hardest at everything I did.

This mindset has stuck with me throughout my 12 years in the legal industry, first as a legal assistant and the last four as a law clerk at one of the top law firms in the province.

Trying your hardest sounds easy enough, but if it was, everyone would do it. To me, putting everything you have into everything you do is the biggest challenge of all. As Chief of Everything at Construct Legal, I can honestly say that I have found the perfect role to match my philosophy.

You can reach me at: mbrown@constructlegal.ca and 416-737-2841