James De Melo - Lawyer

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I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Even before I could tell you why I wanted to be one, I knew this was the career for me. From the moment I started to practice law, I knew that construction law was the field for me. I love the fact that as part of each mandate there is something tangible in the world that I can point to and say I played some (small) part in that project’s story.

I started my career working with the construction group of a well-known Bay Street firm. I have had the opportunity to learn from and develop my practice by working for a number of well-respected construction lawyers. This has allowed me to develop my own style as a resolution-focused lawyer while also affording me the opportunity to play significant roles in all manner of dispute resolution processes ranging from mediations to adjudications, all the way up to arbitration and trials.

My specific approach to the practice of construction law involves putting what you are actually saying and asking for first. I recognize that each dispute is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach to dispute resolution often results in inefficiencies and suboptimal outcomes. I will work with you to explain not only what I am doing to resolve your issues, but also work with you to determine the reason to take those steps. I firmly believe that explaining the process behind decisions can help stop future issues from becoming new disputes.

Outside of law, I am typically either slowly losing my sanity trying to keep up with two pandemic puppies in a Toronto-sized condo or losing my voice trying to coach the Packers and Raptors through the TV.

You can reach me at jdemelo@constructlegal.ca and 905-483-1203