Paul Conrod - Lawyer

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Growing up in a family of engineers, I became interested in construction from an early age. From the houses being built in our neighborhood to new towers downtown, I wanted to see and understand how everything is built.

I enjoy working with people and the law. Ensuring that clients have excellent service is something that I understand from my many years in the food and customer service industries. I learned that it is not only important to give good quality products but also excellent service by always being responsive and attentive to my clients’ needs. These skills also apply to my role as a lawyer, where I listen to my clients, understand their problems, and help them achieve their objectives – whether this means an early resolution of a dispute, or going all the way to arbitration, or adjudication, or trial.

Construction disputes often involve complicated contracts and specific technical issues. My teaching experience abroad before law school, and more recently as an instructor of construction law at George Brown College, has given me the skills to explain these complex concepts in a simple and persuasive way to judges and arbitrators.

I have worked in construction law since day one of my legal career. I have acted for different sizes of companies with different sized problems on all types of projects. Before joining Construct Legal, I worked in the construction law group at a prominent Bay Street firm.

When I’m not working, I am most likely practicing cello, hiking, or cheering on the Toronto Raptors.

You can reach me at: and 647-654-5832