• Faren Bogach - Founder and Lawyer

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    When I was in kindergarten we were instructed to draw a picture of what we liked to do most. In purple crayons, I drew a picture of myself at a table. The caption said: “I like to work.”

    It is still true. I like to work.

    I started as a commercial litigator before I found construction and infrastructure law. I litigated and learned how things are built, or should be built. I became a partner at a large firm with one of the biggest construction law groups in Toronto.

    I founded Construct Legal to focus on client outcomes instead of the billable hour. I have been in your shoes before. I am a board member of two not-for-profits involved in two large affordable housing construction projects. My legal advice is not off-the-rack. It is tailored to client needs and desired outcomes.

    As the construction industry modernizes, legal innovation must keep pace. I have spent hundreds of hours co-developing Pay Prompt (www.payprompt.ca), which is software that provides a step-by-step process to help manage prompt payment in Ontario without needing to call a lawyer.

    I am involved in the construction industry. I am a former director of the Canadian Association of Women in Construction, taught the Construction Law course at George Brown, and was on the Ontario Bar Association - Construction Law Executive.

    And while trying to push the construction industry forward, I explain to my three kids how things are built and try to answer their tough questions. I also try to save a few of their drawings from school.

    You can reach me at: fbogach@constructlegal.ca and 647-960-6120


  • Andrew Gurlesky - Lawyer

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    Clients generally don’t call me unless they have a problem. Over the past 39 years, I’ve had many of those calls, resulting in opportunities to work together with people in the construction industry to achieve positive outcomes.

    Most problems relate to disputes over non-performance. The nature of those disputes has varied - complex claims for payment, termination, performance errors, delay, loss of productivity, and costs of change. My involvement is often early, day-to-day, ongoing inquiries; addressing problems, and identifying solutions before issues become uncontrollably contentious.

    Disputes don’t always result in early resolution, and I engage my clients in mediation, arbitration, and large, document-intensive, and lengthy litigation in courts at all levels in Ontario.

    The projects and industries have been diverse: heavy industrial, commercial, hospitals, high-rise residential/commercial, energy, tunneling, and mining.

    I work with clients in negotiating, structuring, and drafting project agreements, assessing, managing, and allocating risk – bringing to bear risk experience gained through litigation.

    I believe that successful problem resolution requires effective communication and understanding with clients, to develop an early assessment of target or acceptable outcomes – then plan and act to achieve those outcomes bearing in mind the practical and economic realities.

    Beyond day-to-day practice, I have presented many seminars and lectures to lawyers and the industry, on a variety of relevant topics including claims, liens, trusts, project and contract drafting, risk avoidance and management, and even probability theory-based outcome/settlement analysis. I value sharing my perspectives and experience through the teaching process.

    When I’m not solving problems, you may find me sliding on skis and boards (snow and water), riding one of my 5 bikes (road and mountain), or playing one of my 10 guitars.

    Professional Peer Recognition – Construction

    Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory – since 2012

    The Best Lawyers in Canada – since 2010

    Martindale-Hubbell – since 2001

    Fellow and former Governor of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

    You can reach me at: agurlesky@constructlegal.ca or 416-458-0678


  • Paul Conrod - Lawyer

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    Growing up in a family of engineers, I became interested in construction from an early age. From the houses being built in our neighborhood to new towers downtown, I wanted to see and understand how everything is built.

    I enjoy working with people and the law. Ensuring that clients have excellent service is something that I understand from my many years in the food and customer service industries. I learned that it is not only important to give good quality products but also excellent service by always being responsive and attentive to my clients’ needs. These skills also apply to my role as a lawyer, where I listen to my clients, understand their problems, and help them achieve their objectives – whether this means an early resolution of a dispute, or going all the way to arbitration, or adjudication, or trial.

    Construction disputes often involve complicated contracts and specific technical issues. My teaching experience abroad before law school, and more recently as an instructor of construction law at George Brown College, has given me the skills to explain these complex concepts in a simple and persuasive way to judges and arbitrators.

    I have worked in construction law since day one of my legal career. I have acted for different sizes of companies with different sized problems on all types of projects. Before joining Construct Legal, I worked in the construction law group at a prominent Bay Street firm.

    When I’m not working, I am most likely practicing cello, hiking, or cheering on the Toronto Raptors.

    You can reach me at: pconrod@constructlegal.ca and 647-654-5832


  • James De Melo - Lawyer

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    I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Even before I could tell you why I wanted to be one, I knew this was the career for me. From the moment I started to practice law, I knew that construction law was the field for me. I love the fact that as part of each mandate there is something tangible in the world that I can point to and say I played some (small) part in that project’s story.

    I started my career working with the construction group of a well-known Bay Street firm. I have had the opportunity to learn from and develop my practice by working for a number of well-respected construction lawyers. This has allowed me to develop my own style as a resolution-focused lawyer while also affording me the opportunity to play significant roles in all manner of dispute resolution processes ranging from mediations to adjudications, all the way up to arbitration and trials.

    My specific approach to the practice of construction law involves putting what you are actually saying and asking for first. I recognize that each dispute is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach to dispute resolution often results in inefficiencies and suboptimal outcomes. I will work with you to explain not only what I am doing to resolve your issues, but also work with you to determine the reason to take those steps. I firmly believe that explaining the process behind decisions can help stop future issues from becoming new disputes.

    Outside of law, I am typically either slowly losing my sanity trying to keep up with two pandemic puppies in a Toronto-sized condo or losing my voice trying to coach the Packers and Raptors through the TV.

    You can reach me at jdemelo@constructlegal.ca and 905-483-1203


  • Mike Brown - Chief of Everything

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    For as long as I can remember, my philosophy when it came to doing anything in life was simple: do whatever I was tasked with as best as I possibly could. Whether that meant writing a short story for my high school Writer’s Craft class, or making the best smash burger this side of Shake Shack, my goal was to always try my hardest at everything I did.

    This mindset has stuck with me throughout my 12 years in the legal industry, first as a legal assistant and the last four as a law clerk at one of the top law firms in the province.

    Trying your hardest sounds easy enough, but if it was, everyone would do it. To me, putting everything you have into everything you do is the biggest challenge of all. As Chief of Everything at Construct Legal, I can honestly say that I have found the perfect role to match my philosophy.

    You can reach me at: mbrown@constructlegal.ca and 416-737-2841