Faren Bogach - Founder and Lawyer

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When I was in kindergarten we were instructed to draw a picture of what we liked to do most. In purple crayons, I drew a picture of myself at a table. The caption said: “I like to work.”

It is still true. I like to work.

I started as a commercial litigator before I found construction and infrastructure law. I litigated and learned how things are built, or should be built. I became a partner at a large firm with one of the biggest construction law groups in Toronto.

I founded Construct Legal to focus on client outcomes instead of the billable hour. I have been in your shoes before. I am a board member of two not-for-profits involved in two large affordable housing construction projects. My legal advice is not off-the-rack. It is tailored to client needs and desired outcomes.

As the construction industry modernizes, legal innovation must keep pace. I have spent hundreds of hours co-developing Pay Prompt (www.payprompt.ca), which is software that provides a step-by-step process to help manage prompt payment in Ontario without needing to call a lawyer.

I am involved in the construction industry. I am a former director of the Canadian Association of Women in Construction, taught the Construction Law course at George Brown, and was on the Ontario Bar Association - Construction Law Executive.

And while trying to push the construction industry forward, I explain to my three kids how things are built and try to answer their tough questions. I also try to save a few of their drawings from school.

You can reach me at: fbogach@constructlegal.ca and 647-960-6120