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We provide Legal Advice for Construction & Infrastructure projects. We draft and negotiate contracts, navigate claims, fight disputes, and much more.

Why Hire Us?

It is sometimes hard to know what a law firm does or who it serves just by looking at its website. We aren’t about buzzwords or casting as wide a net as possible.

  • What We Do

    We are a specialty law firm. Here is what we do: We provide legal advice for construction and infrastructure projects. For example: condos, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges ...

  • Each Client And Mandate Matters

    This is not a faceless organization with hundreds of lawyers, each lugging around dozens of files. Each client and mandate matters to us. We don’t have minimum billable hour ...

  • Guaranteed Level Of Service

    We don’t just say that client service is important to us. We have a client service policy so that you have a guaranteed level of service for your mandate. (For those who refer files to us ...

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We have negotiated billion dollar contracts, litigated one of the largest construction trials in Toronto, adjudicated under the new Construction Act, and much more. Serving across Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and all over Ontario.

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