Volunteer Spotlight: Faren Bogach

Author: Faren Bogach |


Faren Bogach (LLB’07) is founder and lawyer at Construct Legal in Toronto. She started as a commercial litigator before finding construction and infrastructure law. “I founded Construct Legal to focus on client outcomes instead of the billable hour,” she says.

And that people-first attitude is also apparent in her volunteerism for Dal. Learn more about Faren’s volunteer experience below.

How long have you been a volunteer with Dalhousie and in what capacity?

I have been volunteering for about three years as a mentor and more recently to conduct practice job interviews with law students.

What inspired you to begin volunteering?

I worked at a big firm for many years where I would mentor and interview students for law student positions. At the end of the interviews I always wanted to provide feedback to the student but was not in a position to do so. Now that I have started my own firm and we aren’t hiring students yet, I wanted to help and give feedback to students before the real interviews.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities – why do you volunteer your time and talent to Dal?

I had a wonderful education at Dalhousie. I had some incredible opportunities like participating in a competitive moot, and clerking at the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. I have an obligation to give back to the future graduates of Dal!

Can you name your single best experience volunteering (so far)?

One time this special thing happened: I provided feedback to a student who had not been successful in obtaining an articling position. She had great credentials but was minimizing her experiences in the interview. We worked on her answers together. Two weeks later she was offered an articling position at a firm that she was really excited about. It was a very rewarding experience to be able to make a difference for someone.

What advice would you give other alumni interested in volunteering at their alma mater?

Just do it! There are so many opportunities to make a difference — even if you aren’t living in Halifax!

Do you have any other connections to Dal?

Not yet! I loved my time on the east coast. We sent our kids to Camp Kadimah in Nova Scotia this summer and I hope that they will develop a similar love for the east coast and for Dalhousie.

How has volunteering impacted your career advancement?

I am meeting different law students that will one day become lawyers that I will work with. I keep in touch with my mentees, too, as I take an interest in their careers.

What have you learned or gained from your experience volunteering?

I learn from each student I meet — about their experience and ambition. The enthusiasm of students can be infectious. With so much uncertainty in the world, I am hopeful and optimistic for the future of law because of the wonderful students I have met.

Please share your favourite memory from your time at Dal.

“Roast the Professors.” I had to dress up as the public law professor and wore a very distinct costume for the play. The next Monday morning, the professor commented on my performance. I sat in the back row of public law class for the rest of the semester.